Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Intro to College Life

Everyone knows about college. The long nights spent cramming for that final exam.  Those parties you wake up the next morning regretting you went to. The professors who just see you as another face in the crowd. Or is this really what college is like? Maybe the professors do care. Maybe the studying isn't that hard. Maybe the parties aren't so extreme. Deciding to attend the journalism workshop was actually a pretty good idea. It's a great way to help me prepare for this upcoming fall when I will be attending USM as a full time student. Everyone has his or her ideas about what college is like, but no one really knows until you actually experience it, but this workshop is pretty close. I've never been given so much freedom before. No one telling me where exactly to be at all times or when I have to go to bed. It can actually be a lot to handle at first. It may seem fun to stay up until midnight every night hanging out with friends, but you also have to remember when you have to get up for that morning class. It might be nice to just walk off campus for lunch, but you have to remember not to be late for your next class. I guess this experience has really just taught me that I really need to remember to be responsible in college and to manage my time wisely, or else I will never make it out alive.

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